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I have a home to sell...

You came to the right place. First step is to identify some key items so we can put the perfect game plan together for your home sale. We will go over the following during our initial meeting:

  • Reason for Selling: Why are you selling the property?

  • Real Estate Goals and Timing: Do you need to move the property off your hands quickly and sell as-is or do you want to maximize your profit and do some updates?

  • Mortgage: Do you have a mortgage to pay off?

  • Ownership and Title: Who holds the title to the property and if there are any liens or legal issues related to the property. Common liens/leases are solar.

  • Recent Upgrades and Repairs: Do you have recent upgrades or repairs to the home? This will help determine the value and help establish the list price.

  • Homeowners Association Fees (HOA): Do you live in an HOA? Identify the fees, rules, and any pending assessments.

  • Home Inspection and Disclosures: Identify if there have been any recent home inspections and any known issues with the property.

  • Appliances and Fixtures: Identify which appliances and fixtures are included or excluded with the sale.​​​​​​​​

  • Closing Date and Possession: What is the desired closing date and when you intend to vacate the property.

  • After the Sale: Do you need the proceeds of your sale to go into purchasing a replacement home, investment property, 1031 exchange?

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